Minerals and Stones

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their Master Artwork and Profile

365 Days Virtual Exhibition


Tucked away in elegance

Lets be honest-Classic Creation

any picture you choose will be perfect

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Beauty of Flight

Journey of Colors

Slashed the Color of Creativity

Wonderland - Just Star Quality!

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Calm, Cool & Relaxing Creativity at a Glance

Thoughts, Creativity,  and vision Reflects in her paintings

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World of Style

It will bring you Smile at every Glance of art

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 Publish your artwork directly from your Art Studio to FAG Art Catalog

  • Showcase and share your artwork in a clean and contemporary online FAG International Art Catalog Platform—where art appreciators from around the world gather to view artistic talent.

  • Easily manage your online presence from your Artwork Library.

Your Magical Master Piece Art Work# Have you ever sold your Painting in easy approach and in good price?

WHY you don’t get Good High Price amount on selling?

BIG Questions in your Life 

     Where to Sell painting?

     How to Sell Painting?

     How to Sell painting Internationally?

     How to search BUYERS & Hit them?

     How to Get good Price of Painting?

FAG will tell you why

Because of weak Awareness/Promotion

No Awareness of Artwork & No Global Network of Artist


FAG International will help you 

You are going to need a professional way to display your work, and FAG International is just the place. To boost your art business, FAG International gives you the tools you need to manage your own art business successfully.

Connect with Buyers

Promote your work to the world and get your art noticed Globally.

FAG ART CATALOG is Platform where art appreciators from around the world gather to view your artistic talent.

  • Collectors explore artwork on FAG International Art Catalog page to access creative talent across the globe.

  • Register your Portfolio & Artwork within Art Catalog and get potential clients to show them your available artwork.

Dedicated Page for Registered Artist

Share your background, credentials and your story as an artist.

  • Communicate who you are as an artist to a community of Buyers &Art lovers.

  • Effortlessly share your artist CV, statement & Story of History

  • Share your Master piece Art with Buyers which will make you Famous Globally.

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