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Bird Tattoo

Exhibition - 20


Artist- Rajkumar Deene

Title- Yashoda Mata Child Krishna

Size- 24"X 32"

Price- Rs 20,000

Code- FAG20-6071

Material- Water color on Canvas

FAG Award-20

Artist- Moushumi Choudhury

Title- When the world ends, a new era dawns

Size- 24"X 18"

Price- Rs 15,000

Code- FAG20-6072

Material- Oil color on Canvas

ganesha.FAG Award-20

Artist- Manohar S Bhaviskar

Title- Ganesha

Code- FAG20-6073

Material- Pencil Sketch

Size 18"×24"



Artist- V. Mohanan

Title- MotherHood

Code- FAG20-6074

Material- Acrylic on Canvas

Size - :24"×36"

Price- Rs 30,000

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-25 at 11.50.56 PM

Artiste - Jenny Sharma

Titre - Chasse 1 (série d'art rupestre)

Taille - 48 pouces x 48 pouces

Code- FAG22CAL-023erial- Oil color on Oil Paper

Size 20" X 28" 

Price- rs 41000

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-24 at 11.52.16 AM

Artiste - Mohanan Vasudevan

Titre - YaatraThe World is in Hands of Mankind

Taille- -

Code- FAG22CAL-025erial- Acrylic painting on canvas

Size- 30cm×40cm

Price- Rs 9000

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-02 at 6.23.56 PM

Artiste - S. Shahana

Titre - Éléphant arc-en-cielBhakt Shiromani- Meera Surdas

Taille- -

Code- FAG22CAL-026erial- Oil color on Canvas

Price- 70,000


Artiste - Priti Dalwadi

Titre - Le Divin GaneshaChinar, essence of Kashmir

Taille- 22" X 30"

Code- FAG22CAL-028erial- Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 36 X 30 inches

Price- Rs 15000

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-13 at

Artiste - Pankhuri Sinha

Titre - Éléments de la TerreLOVESICK KID IN OPAQUE

Taille - Format A4

Code- FAG22CAL-031erial- Charcoal & graphite pencils

Size - 13 × 17 inches

Price - 25,000

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-26 at 12.31.29 AM

Artiste - S. Maheshraaja

Titre - Radhakrishnaमंदाकिनी... स्वर्ग की गंगा

Taille - Format A4

Code- FAG22CAL-032


Material- Oil color on Canvas


Artiste- S. Josshika

Titre - Kerala Kathakali

Taille - 15 "× 22"

Moyen - Caféerial- Acrylic colors on canvas

Size- 17" x 14"

Price- Rs 25000

FAG Award 20

Artiste - Mritunjay Kumar Srivastava

Titre - True Love

Taille - Croquis au crayon 

Code- FAG22CAL-030erial- Acryclic paint on paper

Size- 27.5 X 34.7 cm

Price- Rs 2500

FAG Award 20

Artiste - Madhavi Gupta

Titre- Educational Frame



SIZE- 72cm X 56cm

Price- Rs 36000


Artiste - Mohanan Vasudevan

Titre - Couleurs de l'amour


Type - Croquis au crayonerial- Acrylic Colours, Golden Fevicryl pearl mettalic colour and Oil paints on Ivory sheet 
* Cotton thread is used in the head of the buddha .
* In background Tissues are used to give Texture.

Size : 36 inch × 14 inch 

Price- Rs 15000

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-21 at 7.20.22 PM.

Artiste - Shatakshi Rajpoot

Titre - Le Bouddha


Code- FAG22CAL-038erial- Oil Color on Canvas

SIZE- 70×77 cms.

PRICE- Rs 11000

FAG International

Artiste - B Shree Venkata Lakshmi


Taille- erial- Acrylic painting on canvas

SIZE- 30cm×40cm.

PRICE- Rs 10,000

Artiste - Shradha Kannan

Title- Worrier of Quarantine 


Code- FAG22CAL-039erial- Water color on Canvas

Price- Rs 5000

FAG Award-20

Artist- Tapasi Mohanty

Title- Dream of an artist

Artist Donated Painting to NGO for COVID-19

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