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Welcome to International Art Achievement Award' 2022

We are here to empower unique visions and push the limits of imagination in search of adaptability and diversity in the world of creation. Through this year’s thought — “Art Achievement Award”— we encourage you to push the limits of creativity and let others see the world though your eyes. It’s time to look beyond reality and create something truly unique. Through art, make the unreal real, and make the impossible possible.
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FAG International Art Award 2021- Winners

FAG International Artist
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ફેગ ઈન્ટરનેશનલ સાથે જોડાવાના ફાયદા
Cash Prize won Rs 2000
Artist- Abhijit Nilappa Talwar 


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FAG Artist.jpeg

2nd Prize Winner
Cash Prize won Rs 1500

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FAG Artist_edited.jpg

3rd Prize Winner
Cash Prize won Rs 1000
Artist- Dipankar Saha

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       Best Artist Award Winners

Senior Category


Cash Prize (1st Rs 2000 ) + High Quality Memento 

Cash Prize (2nd Rs 1500 ) + High Quality Memento 

Cash Prize (3rd Rs 1000 ) + High Quality Memento

 Star Artist Award - to 3 Artists

Cash Prize (Rs 400) + High Quality Medals (to each 3 artists)

 Gold Medalist

50 Artists- High Quality Medals (to each 50 artists)

Junior Category

 Winners of Group 1 & 2

Cash Prize (1st Rs 1000 ) + High Quality Memento (from both Group) 

Cash Prize (2nd Rs 500 ) + High Quality Memento (from both Group) 

2 Star Artist Award - Both Groups

Cash Prize (Rs 400) + High Quality Medals (to each 2 artists from both Group)

 Gold Medalist

40 Artists- High Quality Medals (to each 20+20 artists from both Group)

Prizes for all Participants

E-Certificate (will send on WhatsApp) + Participation Card +

E-Catelogue + Art Fair (for 30 Days) + Annual Membership of FAG Art Club





All participating artists will get a Participation Card with self-photo, e-Catalogue with self-photo and Artwork. We will send them individually. All participating artists can also post those on social media platforms without any hesitation. All participating artists will also individually get an e-Certificate and a link of e- Catalogue. So, they can also invite their own guests by forwarding the link through WhatsApp


E- Catalogue

The Online Art Catalogue will be held on our website ( It will be compatible with all types of device like desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. We will inform you about the video part and slide number where your artwork will be showcased. We will promote this Catalogue link on all our social media accounts for a minimum one month, it will be archived forever in the event menu of our website.

Art Fair

Your artwork will be showcased on our website with No Extra charges in ART FAIR for 30 Days. You can SELL YOUR ARTWORK there. We have a long list of buyers. The different kinds of buyers include Art Investors, Art Lovers, Interior Designing Firms, so on. So, all kinds of artworks are accepted by many different kinds of buyers.

નવીનતમ કલા કાર્ય



Art Club Membership

You will get Annual Membership of FAG Art Club, where you will get discounts in Art Tours, Live Art Workshops, Online Workshops & so on.

You will get Artist’s Membership Card  with your photo, Name & Address on the Card

Time Line

Entry Starts
10th April 2022

Last Date of Entry
31st May 2022

Result Announcement 10th June 2022



Open to all artists from all over the world, working in any style.
Age Group- 
Junior Artists-
  Group 1- 7 years to 12 years
  Group 2 - 13 years to 17 years
Senior Artists-
18 years & Above


​​Entries will be judged by a panel of experts representing a wide range of creative fields.

1. Interpretation and the clarity of the Vision to the viewer.

2. Creativity and originality of the depicted thought.

3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the real art.

4. Overall impression of the art. 

Registration Fees

5 regist fees.jpg

How to Submit your Entry

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Result Announcement

Step 1


Submit filled Entry Form given bellow

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Pay your entry Fees


Send payment screenshot on our whatsapp no. 9131627599

whatsapp logo.png

Send your creative Artwork/s on our whatsapp no. 9131627599

Step 5

Prize Badge

Result Announcement

Payment Mode


Payment through

GooglePay | PhonePe | PayTm

no. 9131627599


Payment through




Online International Payment through

Registration Form

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